Feb 27, 2115

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Jun 21, 2015

Current Status (21/6/15): ( o.O) just when i was taking an afternoon nap.. i dream about some guy who's in trouble and is being chased by 2 teachers and is making a comedic runaway like the one you see in an old cartoon (the one where they run off to the edge of the screen only to find they got back to the other end if the screen and run again).. after i see them run a few times, i starts to walk to a corridor/hallway and hears some argument (oh and still sees the comedic run 2 times lol) and found out why they/he? got into trouble(something about some lighter and a accident? ..i'm not too sure, i cant remember the content) and then i get outside the building(from the back entrance i think, since i see a railings like the one you see in a garage or a store) and saw a friend (don't know his face but.. idk it feels that way in my dream) saying something about where we're going tomorrow (something like a school field trip) while going to our supposed room(? i thought i was in school a while ago..) and saw another group of friend cheering up a guy who's playing with a lighter. then somehow got into the front of my room.. so me and my friends got to cheer him up a bit. when i think we succeeded cheering him up, he gave me the lighter he's been toying around and found out that it's broken and supposed to be important to him.. so while i twiddle a bit with the lighter a (frustrating) bit, i somehow manage to make some fire and walk back in front of the guy and put the lighter in front of a window that's in front of him and got back to my(our?) room with the whole group and talk about something when i suddenly(from this part, it's my highlight of the whole dream) saw the window that supposed to be where i put the lighter(from the outside) generate a beautiful sight from being a light that you can see from a candle to became a moving light and stretching it's light in a few line away from the center light and make a picture out of it, it keeps changing a few times while expanding to the whole window and starting to make a full image of something..

and then the Room burned down THE END. lol just kidding i just woke up after seeing the image

Mar 22, 2015

Stuff i've done reading:

15 April 2015
Daily Updated Novel:
Zhan Long [Chapter 161]
Battle Through the Heaven [Chapter 34]

Weekly Updated:
Kuang Shen [Chapter 11]
Konjiki no Wordmaster [Chapter 78]
Swallowed Star [Book 4 Chapter 19]
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou [Volume 10 chapter 1]
Re:monster [Day 121]
Slave Harem in the labyrinth of the Otherworld [Chapter 35]
EC [Book 3 Chapter 5]
Sendai Yusha [Chapter 38]
Overlord [Book 4 Chapter prologue]
Knight and Magic [Book 2 Completed]
Duluo Dalu [Chapter 90]

Monthly Updated:
Legend of the Sun Knight [Book 8 Chapter 6]

Complete or Suspended Reading List:
Coilling Dragon [Complete]
Tate no Yuusha [Shield Arc: Complete]
Symbiote [Complete]
Dragon Hero [Book 1&2]
Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka [Book 1-4]
Siva and The Legend Of The Destroyer [Book 1-2]
Sword Art Online [Book 1-7]
The Morcyth Saga [Complete] - Travail of the Dark Mage [Book 1-2]
Mushoku tensei [Book 1-22]
One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan [Chapter 06]
Legendary Moonlight Sculptor {21+}
½ Prince
Stellar Transformation [until He-man last chapter] i'll wait until he's back or the translation reach book 13
Kill No More [Book 10 Chapter 06]
No Hero [Book 1 Complete]

and other stuff.. i'll add them later